Ephesians 4:11
So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers.

Why Sunday School is Important

Sunday school is important in the spiritual development of Christians because it provides a forum for learning. Sunday School education is a vital part of the anointing of God’s plan for the church.

Why children need the Sunday School ministry

  • It helps children respect, appreciate and utilise the Bible.
  • It teaches children how to navigate the bible
  • It plants spiritual seeds
  • It develops a community of believers
  • Children can both learn and have fun

Most importantly Sunday School gives children opportunities to serve and minister and share their faith.

Age group: Toddlers | Year 1-3 | Year 4-7 | Year 8-12

Sunday School Service
Starts at: 9.45am
PLC Rooms – Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris St, Ultimo 2007